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All you need for Etching and PCB Manufacture

Welcome to the C.I.B.S. Etching supplies web site. We supply all the equipment you need for Etching (Chemical Milling). This process produces Printed Circuit Boards but is by no means restricted to this. It is able to produce a multitude of products from engine ID labels all the way up to signs or Brass nameplates such as that pictured on the right. The Computers, Laminators and UV Light Sources deal with the equipment needed for the dry film photo resist system which is widely regarded the state of the art. The Guilotines are the highly regarded Scandinavian HM brand and range from simple benchtop all the way up to free standing pneumatic. The Etching Machines are the Masteretch brand that are famous for their very high specification and very low price. They again range from simple benchtop all the way up to fully automated production line. A new product is now available; the revolutionary Press-n-Peel PCB prototyping system. With this, , a computer, a simple household iron and an etch tank you can quickly produce a prototype PCB. But while our products are of the highest quality what will really surprise you are the prices. We give our customers a headstart by ensuring they have the lowest startup costs.
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Looking for etching machines then you have come to the right place. The Masteretch range of machines are renowned throughout the world for their good value. Masteretch ETCHING MACHINES ARE USED FOR ETCHING BRASS COPPER AND STAINLESS STEEL. ETCHING MACHINES, RINSING MACHINES AND DEVELOPING MACHINES CAN BE CUSTOMISED TO THE CLIENTS REQUIREMENTS. THE ETCHING PROCESS FOR METAL INVOLVES FERRIC CHLORIDE. ETCHING STAINLESS STEEL IS EASILY DONE WITH MASTERETCH ETCHING MACHINES. Our entire range is available to view on this site but we also custom make machines via our plastic fabrication facility. We have ETCHING MACHINES, UV LIGHT SOURCES, ULTRA VIOLET DRY FILM PHOTORESIST FILM LAMINATOR, LAMINATOR, ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT BOX, CHEMICAL MILLING MACHINES, PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD MANUFACTURE, PCB, etching machines, uv light sources, ulraviolet dry film photoresist film laminator, UV light box, chemical milling machines, chemical engraving machines, PCB manufacturing machines,