For the ultimate in reproduction definition, a vacuum unit has to be the choice. The AY series use vacuum to ensure the artwork and material to be exposed are held in perfect contact. When fine tracks are required on a PCB or detailed definition on a graphic reproduction, an AY vacuum unit should be chosen. In the lid of the unit a rubber gasket supports a mylar film which when closed forms an airtight seal against the solid base. The time is then set via the touch membrane control panel and the start button pressed. This activates the integral vacuum pump which removes the air from the chamber ensuring perfect contact between artwork and material to be exposed. Only when a vacuum has been achieved will the tubes activate and the exposure commence. When completed the vacuum pump is turned off and a valve automatically releases the vacuum allowing the lid to be raised. All units come complete with an IEC socket and moulded 13 amp plug
Model Working Area Timer UV Output Dimensions
AY315 12" x 14" (305 x 356mm) 0-999 seconds 6 x 15W 478 x 460 x 110mm
AY320 13" x 24" (335 x 620mm) 0-999 seconds 10 x 15W 699 x 567 x 110mm
AY360 20" x 26" (510 x 665mm) 0-999 seconds 10 x 20W 750 x 720 x 110mm
AY380 20" x 36" (520 x 927mm) 0-999 seconds 12 x 20W 890 x 1031 x 215mm
AZ326 Double sided 20" x 36" (520 x 927mm) 0-999 seconds 24 x 20W 890 x 1031 x 215mm
AY315 Price Code ME601
AY320 Price Code ME602
AY360 Price Code ME603
AY380 Price Code ME604
AZ326 Price Code ME605


A 24 of dry film laminator which is easy to use for laminating all types of photopolymer dry film photoresist to copper laminates, brass, stainless steel, bronze and aluminium. Up to 3.175mm thick. The laminator uses an accurately controlled heat and pressure laminate the resist to the surface of the plate as well as removing the polyoefin separator sheet. Laminating speed is variable from 0 to 1.52 M/min.

From 3,450 / $5,200