00 ETCHALL Glass Etching System

Stage 1

Lay stencil over the glass. The stencil should be made of self adhesive vinyl sheet. We can supply stencils made to order or we can also supply a small vinyl cutter. We can also supply specialist swivel stencil cutter knives for you to cut out your own stencils.

Stage 2

Evenly smooth cream over the design and LEAVE there for around 15 minutes.

Stage 3

AFTER 15 minutes have elapsed scoop the excess cream back into the bottle for re-use.


Stage 4

Rinse the glass and the stencil with copious amounts of water before removing the stencil. Then remove the stencil while still rinsing.


The end result is a piece of art that could grace any mantlepiece or Corporate Display Case. This system can transform any ordinary piece of glass into something special. The fact that it is totally reusable means that it is very economic. Therefore you have a means of turning something very cheap into something very expensive.

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