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New Range of Machinery Announced

A new range of machinery has been announced by Masteretch including a new and innovative range of UV light sources. The new UV light boxes uses a revolutionary hinged screen system that is widely used in the printing industry to ensure total accuracy in the placement of the template on the workpiece. The laminated workpiece is placed on the box with the template on top of it. The hinged screen comes down and the vacuum system sucks all the air out locking the template and workpiece in position in full view. This means that you can be sure that the two are precisely positioned before you put the lid of the box down. You can then expose the workpiece to the UV in complete confidence of the placement. This eliminates the risk of misplacement that can ruin work pieces. A massive reduction in the amount of reworking. However, the most amazing aspect of this new range is the price. Email for a quote at